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BUMAX® - The World's Strongest Stainless Steel Fasteners

Bulten Stainless is a leading supplier of high-tensile, stainless steel, acid-proof fasteners. We manufacture and stock BUMAX® - the world's strongest stainless steel fasteners BUMAX® 88 and BUMAX® 109 have unique properties that make it possible to push the limits further with regard to strength, weight, corrosion resistance and total cost.

We don't say "best". Best is really up to you. We have all confidence that you know perfectly well what you need. We just tell I like it is. We make the world's strongest stainless steel bolts. They are there if you need them. We are also confident that you are aware of the advantages of using extra strong bolts and nuts. You can build smaller, but keep the strength you need. Or even better, reach the strength you need.

You can trust them. And trust is worth a lot.

Bufab image

Developed to withstand the greatest forces

As early as the middle of the 17th century, a forge was established in Åshammar and a foundry in Svartå. In other words, we can rely on a very old and genuine ironworking tradition and our mission has been the same: to always improve. The payback is what makes us try even harder. Trust. The fact that our products and we as a company are trusted by top notch developers and technicians all over the world is, simply put, fantastic. A product that is developed to withstand the greatest forces.

Constructions that you can trust

In return, we constantly improve our products and make new ones. Products that give our customers the chance to do exactly the same: to build even better constructions. Constructions that you can trust.


We also offer a complete range of other high quality fasteners - both produced in-house and outsourced from our approved supplier base.

We made the first austenitic stainless steel bolt

The manufacture of bolts in Åshammar began at the end of the 19th century. When the first stainless steel products appeared in 1926, Åshammar was very likely the first in the world to produce fasteners in stainless, austenitic material. These products were included in a catalogue, which was unusual at the time. In Svartå, the production of acid-proof fasteners began in 1947.Fifty years later, in 1997, the BUMAX® brand was registered - the strongest stainless steel bolt in the world. Still is.


Bufab Bulten Stainless AB
693 03 Svartå
Phone: +46 (0)585-521 00
Fax: +46 (0)585-521 15
Email: stainless.svarta@bufab.com
URL: www.bumax.se