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Eisenbau-Krämer - Arc Welded Steel Pipes

Eisenbau-Krämer GmbH (EBK), a world leader in the manufacture and supply of large diameter sub-merged arc welded steel pipes and based in Germany, provides oil and gas and engineering companies with high quality, high integrity pipes, worldwide.

Established in 1921, EBK has a long successful history, growing to its current size of approx. 400 employees at three manufacturing sites, with an annual production capacity or approx 100,000t of finished pipes.

Although steel pipes from EBK are supplied to a wide range of applications, the major market sectors served by EBK fall under the following headings:

EBK linepipe

A full range of API, ASTM and oil & gas company specifications are produced in the size range 355.6mm – 1524mm (14in – 60in), in lengths between 6m and 13.4m (20ft – 44ft). Approvals from all major oil & gas companies worldwide have been awarded to EBK. Additionally, carbon steels for sour service applications are available throughout the size range, including high tensile materials such as X70 or X80.

EBK offshore and construction

Pipes are produced to all major international material grades, with additional technical requirements as required by specific client specifications. Pipes in the size range 355.5mm – 1524mm diameter with wall thicknesses up to 75mm depending on diameter/wall thickness ratio, can be produced in single pieces up to 13.4m maximum length. Diameters from 1,524mm up to 4,000mm can be produced in lengths of up to 4m and wall thicknesses of up to 255mm. Circumferential welding can be utilised to increase these component length up to a maximum of 42m in length with a maximum piece weight of 120t.

EBK machinery pipes

High tolerance inside and outside machined steel pipes are available from EBK. Applications include hydraulic cylinders, paper rolls, drying drums and winder drums. Available in the full size range of pipes produced by EBK, remarkably high levels of tolerances are available, for example +/-0.3mm for concentricity and +/-0.25mm for diameter, depending on final application.

EBK clad

To meet the requirements of extreme sour service applications, EBK produces metalurgically clad pipes. A wide variety of carbon steels including from the API and ASTM ranges can be combined with the corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) including stainless steels, alloy 625 and 825. Available in the size range 355.6mm (14in) to 1,524mm (60in) with carbon steel wall thicknesses from 9.52mm to 55mm, and CRA layers between 2mm and 5mm, with lengths between 6m and 12m. Naturally, EBK hold an API 5LD licence to produce such products.

EBK Cryo

The requirements of very low service temperatures can be achieved by using nickel rich steels, allowing impact testing (notch ductility) to be successfully carried out at temperatures as low -196°C. EBK has a full range of nickel rich steel pipes from 2.5%, 5%, 9% and 36% nickel materials, available in sizes from 355.6mm to 1524mm (14in – 60in) in lengths from 6m to 13.4m.

EBK power

High service temperature requirements in the power generation industry call for materials with creep resistance. EBK was a pioneer in developing welded P91 material, and remains the world's market leader in supplying such material. Ongoing creep resistance tests, now running continuously over many years demonstrate without doubt the high quality and integrity of EBK's pipes in such demanding applications.

Factory Kredenbach:
Eisenbau Krämer GmbH
Karl-Krämer-Street 12 / P.o. Box 40 20
D-57223 Kreuztal-Kredenbach / D-57263 Hilchenbach

Tel: +49 (0) 27 32 - 588-0
Fax: +49 (0) 27 32 - 588-102