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Lightning Eliminators: DAS® - DISSIPATION ARRAY SYSTEM

By Lightning Eliminators

The Dissipation Array System (DAS) is a leading, lightening prevention technology created by Lightening Eliminators, a family run business from Boulder, USA.

The DAS prevents direct lightning strikes within the required area of installation. The DAS was engineered to integrate with any building, tank, tower or other structure.

Since its creation in 1971, the Dissipation Array System has maintained a success rate of over 99% across all of the 3,000 systems that have been installed worldwide.

By reducing the electric field to below lightning-collection levels direct lightning strikes are prevented.
Lightening is an electric discharge that attempts to equalize voltage between storm clouds and the earth - in order for lightening to strike it must connect between the two.

lightning eliminators ebr

The difference in polarity of the clouds and the ground is the 'charge differential' - and when this is high, the cloud will then start to form 'downward leaders' and the objects on the ground begin to create 'upward streamers.'
Lightning is created when the streamers and the leaders connect to create a path. The role of the DAS in the prevention of lightning occurs by interrupting the formation of the upward streamers from the objects upon the ground, by using optimal point configuration. The objects then remain grounded and direct strikes are avoided.

Many factors such as location, temperature, humidity and structure height will contribute to the likelihood of a high intensity lightning strike - no matter how infrequent thunderstorms are.

The success rate of the DAS has resulted in an increase in personal safety and a prevention of asset loss, damage, repair costs and wasted time.
Lightning Eliminators offers a 'No-Strike' warranty to ensure complete protection on any LEC supervised installation.

For further information on Lightning Eliminators visit their dedicated webpage.