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Protean - The Path to Digitalisation

Protean helps improve productivity and reduces costs in complex projects through digitalisation. Protean services can also help pave the way for implementation of modern technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality or Cognitive Computing - all built on a base of digital data.

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On large capital projects, with thousands of man-years of work in everything from design and engineering to construction and commissioning - information plays a vital part. It is a known fact that a large amount of time is spent searching for information. On large projects these numbers can rapidly multiply.

Without effective control over the flow of information throughout a project, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain oversight and respond to changes. Lack of information control is so widespread in modern business that processes exist to account for problems it causes rather than deal with the root concern. A redline on a drawing or document represents a change to installed equipment due to mismatches between design and reality. Whatever the reason for this mismatch, from the wrong drawings used during design and engineering, to executing installations in the wrong order, the problem comes down to poor information management.

Cost savings
The larger the project - the more savings can be achieved. Both major modifications of older installations and decommissioning projects stand to achieve great savings through digitalization. Often based on older format, or even paper documents, these projects are complex, time-consuming and costly due to lack of good information.

protean ebr

Making information digital
Many studies have been conducted into the cost of inefficient information management, and studies carried out recently by IDC and McKinsey Global Institute conclude that the average knowledge worker spends 20% of their time searching for information relevant to a given task. Add in the time spent communicating (writing and responding to emails etc.) and collaborating (preparing for and attending meetings etc.) and the time a worker spends on actual tasks relevant to their job is less than 40%.

While digitalization cannot remove these issues completely, it can greatly reduce the impact they have on projects thus improving productivity, reducing costs and project time. Digitising existing documents, including extracting key data from relevant databases and cross-referencing all documents and tags, will reduce the time spent searching for information by at least 50%. And once fully digitised it will also be much easier to identify non-compliance areas where documentation might be wrong or missing.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality or Cognitive Computing

We can help you improve productivity and reduce costs in projects through digitalization. Modern information systems and practices can drastically improve your productivity and reduce costs but they all require digital data to function. Protean can deliver a digital transformation by converting your existing data and documents to digital format, paving the way for the implementation of modern systems.

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