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Russwurm Ventilatoren (ruwu®) ― Industrial Fans and Portable Fans

RUSSWURM VENTILATOREN GMBH is a successful German developer and audited manufacturer providing special constructions of small mobile and large industrial fans with the advantages of an SME. Flexible, efficient, powerful.

ruwu® high efficiency fans customer-specific special constructions

An added plus is the fair prices and the company's proverbial reliability as a business partner as well as the top quality of its products, which are made in Germany. And this, regardless of the "batch size". Global delivery, global representation. International service stations offer professional consulting, practical solutions and fast reaction times.

ruwu© industrial fans and ruwu© mobile fans - custom-fit brand quality

Whether industrial or mobile high-performance fans, these brand products of the highest technical level are used in many areas. We are sought-after particularly when it comes to long durability and low-maintenance use times and high functional security even in the most extreme use situations and when only demanding special versions that not everyone can deliver are the solution. For custom-fit brand quality indoors and outdoors.


Global provider of radial and axial industrial fans

THE FOCAL POINT OF OUR PROGRAMME are radial fans, or centrifugal fans, which cover a range of 5,000 m³/hr up to 600,000 m³/hr volume flow in low-, middle- and high-pressure regions.

FOR EXAMPLE: Wear-resistant centrifugal fans. The spectrum of our centrifugal fans extends from extremely wear-resistant versions with plated impeller blades to convey dust laden media over compression-proof fans to multi-stage fans. They are available with all kinds of casing positions and drive systems.

FOR EXAMPLE: High-effiency axial flow fans. Next to these types we produce axial flow fans up to the nominal size 2,240 with or without guide vane or diffusers (volume flow 2,000 m³/hr - 700,000 m³/hr).

Hot-gas-fans for temperatures up to 900° C, with or without casing
Double inlet fans
Shock-resistant fans
Single- or two-sided suction
Explosion or spark-proof fans
Fans without casing
Fans made of special metals
Fans with special linings, wear and corrosion resistant
and a few more

They are lightweight, powerful, maintenance-free, easy to operate and available in three different series. They can therefore be tailored precisely to customer-specific requirements. The new developments in particular are used in critical situations when, for example, health-hazardous smoke, explosive gases or toxic steams are to be transported securely or when fresh air is to be supplied immediately and there is little space available in the place of use or in the transportation vehicle. However, they can also be used for additional cooling of machines or rooms.

THREE SERIES offer the suitable fans for each application purpose.
We do not only supply standard devices but develop and manufacture customised special models. From the reasonably priced ultra-compact MWM 150 E beginner-level model to the ex-protected VM 600 D ex-pressure aerator with spray adapter.

POSITIVE PRESSURE AERATOR (PPV) with enormous reserves when it really matters. Particularly suited for the use by professional fire brigades.
These powerful devices offer high capacity and aeration and ventilation efficiency due to their maintenance-free electro engine. They run quietly with full ex-protection for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Due to their compact size, which requires little space, they are ideal for all transport vehicles with a lack of space, or at restricted places of action. Excess pressure fans are applicable for airports, tank protection, technical aid organisations, and much more.

Trust in ruwu© engineering team

The huge reliability of the ruwu® quality products results not just from the constantly up-to-date expertise and decades of experience of our engineers and specialists, but also from their passion for perfection and functional security. Not for no reason are our products among the best in their area of use.


Russwurm Ventilatoren GmbH - multiple certifications and awarded the 'Innovative' seal.

Contact details:
Russwurm Ventilatoren GmbH
Ortsstrasse 25
D-86405 Meitingen-Ostendorf
Phone: 0049-(0) 82 71 / 81 75-0
Fax: 0049-(0) 82 71 / 81 75-40
Email: info@ruwu.de
Website: www.ruwu.de